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Very British – Eine Englandreise

Im März 2014 sind wir, die 17 Teilnehmerinnen und Teilnehmer des freiwilligen Nachmittagskurses „Very British“, für eine Woche nach England gefahren. Seit über einem Jahr haben wir an der Organisation, Planung und Finanzierung dieser Reise gearbeitet und können nur sagen: Es hat sich gelohnt! Diese Reise war alles, was wir uns erträumt hatten und noch vieles mehr. Auf dem Kulturcafé am 17.06.2014 haben wir unsere Erlebnisse und Erfahrungen präsentiert. Hier ein erster Einblick in unsere Reise.


INTERNATIONAL VISITORS LOVE OGDEN, CHICAGO (Artikel in der Schülerzeitung OGDEN TIMES von Linda Arthur und Manon Kessler)

We are 15-year-old 9th grade students at the Stadtteilschule Am Heidberg in Hamburg, Germany. We began a two week exchange trip to Ogden with thirteen other students from our school and two teachers on May 21, and we are having a great time.
We decided to join the exchange because we wanted to get an insight into life in the United States from coming to this country and not just think we know about this country because of what we see in American movies. Our group spent many months at our school preparing for this experience. We’ve been here for only four days as we write this, but we already feel like we are learning a lot about what life is really like in America. Chicago is amazing – a very interesting and very windy city.
Linda: “My hosts are great. On my first day I woke up and wasn’t sure if I really was in the USA. When we got on the yellow school bus I realized that I was in the US, because I know those busses from American movies. I AM REALLY HERE! I thought.”
Manon: “My hosts are also great. While we have school excursions every day to visit great parts of Chicago, the families are also taking us all over the city. We are learning a lot!”
Our home in Germany is seven hours ahead, so we’ve had some trouble adjusting to the time difference. We are always a little tired in the middle of the day, but we keep going!
We are out every day on excursions, getting to know this city and working on our group project – tracing the emigration of our ancestors out of Germany and their immigration to Chicago. To help with that project some of our first excursions were to the Chicago History Museum and to DANK Haus, a German American culture museum.
We also took trips to the Shedd Aquarium and the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, took an architecture tour and ate at Ed Debevic’s, all in our first days here. We’ll be participating in Ogden School projects, going to more museums, and doing a presentation to Ogden students on our city of Hamburg. We are exhausted just thinking about it, but we are excited too!